How you can support us to help people Ukraine

Donate money

to cover our needs


Buy supplies

directly from suppliers

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Provide supplies

to humanitarian routes


Who we are

We are a Ukrainian food tech start-up that produces
 and delivers food on demand in Kyiv

  • We cover most area of Kyiv
  • We have almost 100 cooking staff working
  • We have 100+ delivery staff available
  • We are able to serve up to 30k dishes daily
Delivery zones map

What we do

When the war started we switched to humanitarian approach — feeding people in need for free

We cook hot meals

for our defenders, volunteers, elderly, people in bomb shelters, schools, hospitals, kindergartens

Every day since Feb 26

5 kitchens in different districts of Kyiv cook and pack meals for people in need. 300,000+ dishes already delivered

What we need

We are running short on supplies, to continue good work we urgently need replenishments - each dish costs around $0.2 after volunteer supply - for packaging, partially food, and utilities

Packaging containers

Food containers

single use and reusable

Bags with vegetables

Raw materials

most of meat, but also vegetables, fruits, etc

How you can help

We can buy required supplies in Poland and transport them to Kyiv. You can help us in several ways

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Purchase supplies for us directly


Send supplies to drop-off points






Fully transparent

Below you can find links to all the documents relating to use of funds and our humanitarian activities

See proofs of receiving funds,
purchase invoices &
goods acceptance documents